Saturday, March 10, 2012

Lamp Shade Makeover

Recently I have been doing some much needed decor updating in our home. We moved here in August and I still hadn't decorated. I decided it was time to make the place a little more like home. We live in a rental home so I have to decorate around the owners color choices. In the living room the walls are Tiffany Blue. I had originally wanted to paint but then decided that I would rather just decorate to incorporate the blue color. Any shade of blue would have been my last choice for the living area but I think I have made it work for now. My first DIY project was to give my boring old lamp shades a makeover. Here is a photo of the lamp before....

Pretty blah right? See that burnt yellow color on the walls. That is the kitchen and is on my list of rooms to makeover at a later date. Anyway, I had a few ideas before I actually started on the shade but a "collage" pattern seemed to be what I kept leaning toward. So, I found some fabulous vintage printables (for free, of course) over at Far Far Hill. You should pay them a visit and check out all their awesome freebies!

I printed out the files I liked on plain printer paper in the appropriate size.  I then presonalized some of them using Photoshop and added our names. I began gluing them on in random patterns using Mod Podge. Here's a photo of the shade after I got a few random images on.

I started with the larger images first and then filled in the "holes" with the small images. I still have to purchase the right ribbon to trim it out with but it is now dry and sitting on an end table in our living room. And here it is all finished...

Here is a close up of a couple of the files that I personalized. Now I just need to trim it to hide the icky glue marks on the existing trim. I am thinking chocolate brown just to blend with the furniture.

This is the wall color. It would not have been my choice for a living area, but I have made it work.

Here is a small lamp we have in our hall. I covered it in the same way, but for this one I used the same image all over.

I hope you all have enjoyed seeing what I've been up to lately. Come back soon so I can show you some canvas boards I am working on for my daughter's shabby chic bedroom!

Happy Scrappin'!
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Karen said...

Hey Patti, I LOVE,LOVE,LOVE this!! What a great job!! Absolutely no more blah!! I have a few Lamps, can I send them your way??? haha Karen♥

Triza said...

gr8 idea!!

Triza said...

gr8 idea