Thursday, March 29, 2012

DIY Canvas Board Art

Today I want to share my latest project with you. I decided to create some wall art. This was a fun project that you all should try it. I purchased two 20" x 24" canvas boards from a local yard sale for $10.00. I needed to create something to coordinate with my daughter's "shabby chic" bedroom decor. These boards were the perfect size to hang on the large, bare wall above her bed.  First I found a fabulous background design from Far Far Hill. They have so many wonderful freebies! I printed my background paper out on 8.5" x 11" copy paper. I then applied an even coat of Mod Podge to back of the paper with a foam brush. Place the paper on the canvas boards while smoothing out any bubbles. A few wrinkles are fine but try to get those pesky bubbles out.

Here is what they looked like after I got the paper on. Make sure you let the glue on the bottom dry well before applying a coat of glue on top. The topcoat of glue was still wet in this photo. You can see the "overlaps" pretty good while the glue is wet but when it dries they will fade drastically.

 I wanted to paint branches on these boards so I purchased some acrylic paint from the local craft store. I picked out a medium brown for the main branch color and then a color that was just a couple of shades lighter as the "highlight" color. I am in no way a painter, so I know if I can do this, you could too! I put the boards next to each other and started painting. I then added the flowers and birds with the Mod Podge in the same way I did the background.

Aren't these birds adorable!! I downloaded these free svg files from MTCSCAL E-FILES. I then scanned a section of my daughters bedding and used the image to print out some patterned scrapbook paper. I just used plain white scrapbook paper and cut it down to a printable size. I used my LYNX to cut the birds and flowers. I chalked the edges of my cuts, busted out the Mod Podge again and VIOLA! These coordinate with her bedroom perfectly and take up lots of bare wall space.

I am so glad you came by to see what I've been up to lately. I hope to be doing some paper projects soon. I know that I haven't been doing many paper projects lately, but that is only because I am trying to get my house somewhat decorated and organized. We moved into this house in August and I am just now getting around to decorating. I have lots of project to do around my house, but I will keep you all posted on what I am up to. I am sure I will be ready for another giveaway when it comes time to clean and organize my craft supplies....wink, wink.

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Karen said...

Patty, These are Fantastic!!! WOW the colors, and that branch is great, so I am not sure you can use that claim anymore that you are not a painter!! This really came out great!! karen♥

Karen said...

Hey Patricia, this is Fantastic!!! You have inspired me! I was looking to do something like this for over my bed. We are re-painting and I am going with a beachy theme. Blue walls, with white bead board for wainscoating on the bottom, with all white wood work. I have a ton of canvas boards that I always buy when I see a good buy, but then I don't do anything with them. Thanks for the inspiration!! karen♥

Lisa said...

Oh wow, this is fantastic!! I just love the design...the branches are so awesome!! I would love to have these hanging in my craft room!! Just gorgeous :)

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