Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Attitude Blog Award

Yay...another award!! I received this one from Linda from "Ladybug Lair". You should definately go visit her blog. She shares her work and inspiration and hey....if you're anything like me you need some inspiration from time to time.

Ok, on the official stuff. To receive this award, I have to list 3 things that give me "tude" from everyone else. Then, nominate 5 other blogs that I believe also have attitude! Lastly post the award on my blog.

1. I am married to a Marine and believe me, you have to have MORE "tude" than a Marine to be married to one!!

2. Mess with me while I'm scrapping or making files and you will face the consequeces....just ask my kids.. just kidding..LOL.

3. I am brutally honest, which gets me in trouble sometimes.

Now on to the 5 blogs that I think have attitude:

1. Cely @ Creating in Carolina. Love it when others share their work and Cely is very giving and talented.
2. Pinky @ Much Ado About Nothing. Her work is way cool and she has lots of giveaways!
3. Paper, Scissors, Ink. She shares her files for a limited time and also shares some pretty cool projects.
4. Penny @ Penny Duncan Creations. She shares unbelievable files and is an amazing crafter!!
5. Amber @ Staying Crafty. She makes some awesome projects, one being a working gumball machine card...too cool!!

Please give these talented ladies a visit. You'll be inspired, I promise!
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Anonymous said...

Oh Patti!!! THANK YOU so much for this fantastic award!!! I LOVE it!!! No wonder I like you girl!!! We sound like we have the same type tude!!!! ;) I will get it posted in a day or so...THANK YOU again!!! I'm truly touched!!! BTW...LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog layout and colors and design...GORGEOUS!!!

Unknown said...

Thanks very much! SO cool!

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for thinking of me! :) I get an attitude if people mess with me while I'm crafting too! *LOL*

Carolina Girl (Cely) said...

Thank you so much....what a great surprise to wake up and find this award from you!