Thursday, September 16, 2010

My First Blog Award!!

I received my first blog award today from Carolyn at Cutting Time. Now I must follow the rules and complete all the steps in acceptance of this award. Me follow rules??? LOL...I know, following rules is SO not me but these rules will be easy to follow since I'm so excited to receive the "Cherry on Top" award.

1. Thank the person who gave the award.
Thank you so much Carolyn. I was very happy when I received this award. It made me feel like "Sally Fields" during an acceptance remember don't you?..."you like me, you really really like me". I at least I think it was Sally Fields...HA HA. I visit the Cutting Time blog all the time. It's one of my favorites!! To visit Cutting Time simply click here. I know you'll enjoy visiting as much as I do.

2. Display the award on my blog.

3. Tell everyone 3 things you love.
    Family, Friends, and of course Scrapbooking!!

4. Post a picture you love.

I love this picture of my kids. I have the sweetest, most kissable kids so pretty much any picture of them is a favorite. I love this one though, and received an enlarged framed copy from MFA (My favorite Auntie) for Christmas and almost cried.

5. Pass the award to 5 other blogs.

I visit all of these blogs on a regular basis for inspiration and I am never let down. Thank You!!
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Megan Collier said...

CONGRATS! Thank you so much for passing this award on to me I am honored and humbled.

Thank you again. YOU ROCK!